Ultimate Youth Clinic 2019

October 12th at St. Mary’s Elementary School
1158 Bont Lane, Walnut Creek, CA

Six Topics Will Help You Advance Your Skills

This one day, 6 hour clinic, conducted by Coach Allocco, will help coaches further develop their style and teach the "little things." Guaranteed to develop your coaching talents while providing comprehensive coverage of all aspects of coaching.

"Thank you for providing us with an entertaining and informational clinic that, by far, is the best that I have experienced. I really enjoyed your words of wisdom and share your feelings about the game and our role as coaches. The clinic gave me a much needed boost of energy and optimism and I will do my best to incorporate your skills booklet into my coaching." Mark E

Ultimate Youth Clinic Schedule 2019

12:00-12:30 Registration
Philosophy of Coaching
Motivating, Mentoring, and Modeling Excellence
1:05-2:30 Station Drills to Develop Your Players

Improvement-Based practices emphasizing:
Dribbling, Ballhandling, Rebounding, Shooting
2:35-3:20 Back to the Playground: Teaching Offensive Skills

Skills through Breakdowns: 1 on 1, 2 on 2, 3 on 3, 4 on 4
3:20-3:35 Break

3:35-4:35 Offensive Play: Simple Youth Offenses That Work
5 Out, Motion, Continuity, Zone Offense
4:40-5:15 3 on 3 Drills: Building Blocks to Wins
Develop skills, quickness,and confidence in half/full court
Defensive Play: Man and Zone Defense
Building your defense one stance at a time
Putting it all together: The Practice Plan
Develop your players through consistent, efficient drills

Cost:Pre-registration cost for the 6 hour clinic is $55.00. Pre-registration ends 4 days before start of clinic. After that time, registration is $65.00. Each participant will receive a comprehensivepacket of drills and an embroidered coach's lanyard.

Location:The all-day clinic will be conducted at Saint Mary’s Elementary School 1158 Bont Lane, Walnut Creek, CA

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